Well, it’s just been more of the same things here in Arizona. The weather has been unforgiving and extremely predictable, as its been over 100 and sunny pretty much every day I’ve been here. I still have not found a job, and I’m getting really bored of sitting and watching movies/surfing the internet for far too many hours each day. I get out of the house and lift/play soccer/softball a few times a week, but it’s just getting really old, really quick. I need something fresh to kick-start me, to get me going. Once I get my job, I’ll actually get to enjoy this time where I have no priorities and can feel good about sitting in front of a screen.

Something that has been a little out of the ordinary has been the mail I’ve received in the past couple of days. Today I received a card from my loving Grandmother, which contained an extremely relevant and encouraging message, a check, and a recipe for pork/beef roast. She’s the best. And the other day, I received a postcard from a friend abroad, which also brightened my day a little bit more, even in this blistering sun. And speaking of blistering, I burnt the top of my hand pretty good the other day whilst cooking some toast. I really hope it leaves a nice scar so I can make up a cool story about it.

I’m disappointed in myself, as I have yet to go on a real photo adventure here in Arizona. I would do it with all the spare time I have here, but it’s just so damn hot…every…day. But here are a couple I have taken:

This one was taken tonight, where the sunset just made everything glow a beautiful color.

Another taken tonight of two of the many cats in our complex. Intense, aren’t they?

And finally, here are a couple that I took in New Mexico on my drive right off the highway.

That’s all for now. Hasta luego.

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One Response to Monotony

  1. runbrennarun says:

    big fan of the last picture. good work.

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