I had a dream this morning. I was at a university in a lab where this old man and his female student assistant conducted tests to create walkable cloud paths out in space. At one point I was out in the clouds, walking around haphazardly with the girl, who made sure I wouldn’t walk on the wrong clouds or else I would fall through. We bounced around for a little while and then we just laid down in the comfy clouds. Then we were suddenly back in the lab and the old man says to the girl, “I’m going to send the iguana to the 2nd planet.” So he puts his pet iguana out on the wire track outside the lab in the cloud area and a platform flips around so that the iguana has nowhere to go but out into the clouds. It slowly starts walking the cloud path, toward the second planet.

That dream was really vivid this morning, and I felt that it really needed to be recorded in some way. I could analyze it, with my skills picked up after that dreaming class I took, but I’ll let you readers interpret your own meaning.

But to the big news, I finally got a job! It’s nothing special, and it’s only part time, but at least I’m finally making some cash. I was looking stuff up on craigslist, and I replied to a chef, chef Scotty, who needed transportation around the area to deliver his homemade food. He goes out MWF, and we are only out for about 4 hours at a time right now, but he pays 7 an hour with 35 cents a mile, and then I get a delicious lunch made with organic food everyday. So it’s pretty much just us two goin around to different businesses and asking if they want lunch, which just consist of different wraps. He seems like a pretty ambitious guy, with plans of expanding and a good mindset. I’m glad it worked out, because based on the nature of his minimalist job posting and quick response, I was worried he might be some guy trying to hijack my car and taking everything I have, so on Wednesday, I brought a knife, just in case. Luckily, I didn’t have to use it.

Also, I am putting my soccer referee qualifications to good use here next weekend. I registered to work a tournament, so I should be getting some good money from that as well. They told us about this tourney in the class I was registered for, and I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get assigned to work with Prince. I’m not quite sure he’s literate. I also registered to work a whole league, but I haven’t been scheduled for that just yet. Hopefully it will start to get steady.

Tomorrow should be a busy day, I have work from about 8:30 til 12 or 1, then Gabe and I want to work out, and then we’re traveling north to Flagstaff for a concert! We saw the date on a myspace page less than a week ago and decided on a whim to check it out. Tix were only 17 each, so it should be well worth it. We get to see High on Fire, Kylesa, and Torche, so if you couldn’t guess by the band names, it’s going to be a pretty brutal night filled with metal and moshing. I’ve already started practicing my headbanging. Here are a couple of links to their music for those interested:
High on Fire:

Something else I’m excited about is that I streamlined my wardrobe a little bit the other day by donating some shirts. Gabe has a very minimalist closet, and it inspired me to do the same. Live simply, my friends.

Here is some music I’ve just recently gotten into:

Bear in Heaven-Beast Rest Forth Mouth
Women-Public Strain

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One Response to Finally…

  1. runbrennarun says:

    i don’t think any concert will ever top the dodos. sorry charlie

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