Trekkin it

So I went on a little bike ride today and took some more pics before my imminent departure. I ended up climbing “A” mountain, a small one right on the ASU campus.

I used to effing love these things when I was younger. They can dive bomb at around 180 mph! 

Besides biking around for a while and hiking up the side of a mountain, I also went on a 3 mile run, which is the second time this week. Feels pretty good, that runner’s high. I was going to do some lifting, but nagging thoughts about grad schools were bugging me, so I went home and did some work on those. Apps started: U Wisc, Loyola, and Chicago School of Prof. Psych. Three halfway done, five more to go!

Music I’ve been oddly into recently- Lightning Bolt

Thanks to all of you who’ve been checkin out my blog. I totes appreciate it.

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